Science Lab Supplies


Science Lab Supplies covers a very broad range of products from glassware through equipment and even to furniture. The science lab supplies referred to here are wipes, sponges and cloths. They are hyper-absorbent and super clean.  These particular science lab supplies are designed for regular cleaning, scheduled maintenance and emergency spill cleanup. The products under the LabClean™ product group are: wipes, sponges, shop cloths and waferwipes.

The LabClean Sponge is the most popular amongst the science lab supplies. It is 17.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 cm which makes it ideal to handle. With an absorbency of 600% (by weight) it is the most efficient method available for cleaning spills and unwanted liquids from laboratory work surfaces. The molded plastic construction makes the sponge extremely robust and can be used many many times without degradation of performance.

The LabClean Wipe is also a popular choice among science lab supplies. It is ideal for wiping surfaces and cleaning equipment. It is 43 x 32 x 0.2 cm which makes it large enough for everyday tasks yet convenient for use by hand. The LabClean wipe has a mesh interior which makes it strong enough for repeated use on a prolonged basis.

Wafer Wipes were originally designed for use in cleaning semiconductor wafers. The delicate nature of the wafer wipe makes it well suited as a science lab supply for intricate cleaning tasks. In contrast, the blue shop cloth is ideal for bigger jobs with spills in excess of 500 ml.