LabClean FAQ

What is PVA?

PVA is Poly Vinyl Acetate. It is an advanced material that can be molded into block or sheet form. It’s hyper absorbency, flexibility and durability makes it the first choice as a raw material for LabClean wipes and sponges.

Are LabClean wipes reusable?

LabClean wipes can be reused many times if stored as recommended.

Are LabClean products pre-moistened?

LabClean products are very slightly pre-moistened. Be sure to rewet the product before use.

How do I store my LabClean sponge?

For short term storage place the moist sponge into the resealable package with the pack sealed. For long term storage leave the package unsealed until the sponge has completely dried out. Rewet thoroughly before use.

Can I use Wafer Wipes on semiconductor wafers?

Yes, LabClean wipes can be used for cleaning semiconductor wafers.

What happens if my sponge dries out?

If a sponge dries out, simply moisten with warm fresh water.

Are LabClean wipes clean room safe?

Yes, LabClean wipes are clean room safe. However, the end user should always verify compliance with their clean room via independent testing.

Can the shop cloth be washed after use?

Yes, all LabClean products can be washed in the conventional manner; with warm water and a mild detergent. They are also autoclavable.

If I order by mistake, what is the return policy?

All purchases can be returned up to ten days after receipt of the original purchase order provided that all products remain inside their original unopened packaging. There is a 25% handling charge.

Which cloth is best for major cleanup?

The ShopCloth LC-WIP-43X32-B is best suited for major cleanup activities.

What is the best cleaner to use with the wafer wipe?

Mild detergents are best for generic applications. When cleaning semiconductor wafers, WaferScrub is best.